Companies that Have Taken Customer Experience Optimization to a New Level


iStock_000016512326_LargeThese Businesses below know all about Customer Experience Optimization. Many businesses aim for optimal customer service, but few achieve this list. 24/7 Wall St created a list called the Customer Service Hall of Fame, Below you will find the top five companies on that list and a little information on how they made it there: this company places number one on the list. Amazon has been on this list numerous times, 2014 was the fifth year in a row.

Hilton Worldwide: this company tops this list with a 41.4 “excellent” rating for customer service, and is number one among hotels.

Marriott International: this hotel chain is one of a select few to make Forbes’ “100 Best Companies to Work For”. They have been on this list every year since the list was created.

Chick-fil-A: this is the only restaurant to make this list. With 38.6% of its customers rating their customer service as “excellent”. While other fast food chains mostly have a considerably lower rating.

American Express: this company received an “excellent” rating of 37.7%. Most credit card companies do not make it on this list, and last year American Express was among those left off. This year they have come up in the ratings and stand among the many companies with excellent customer service.

Please visit 24/7 Wall St. for the rest of the list.

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