How Apple Became a Tech Leader: Customer Experience Optimization


Why is Apple so successful?

It’s not just because of their cutting edge products, although this certainly plays a role in their success.  Customer experience optimization at every touch point in the customer journey map has made Apple the wealthiest, and most highly rated, company in the world today.

Apple customer service is such a positive experience because every facet of the customer experience is deliberately designed and controlled by Apple from concept to delivery. Nothing is left to chance the hardware is made by Apple, the software is made by Apple, The distribution channels are controlled by Apple and most importantly the human dimension is managed by Apple, Apple employees understand by tangible cause and effect linkage that their compensation is directly tied to customer loyalty.

Employees and Customers are engaged advocates of the brand. The interdependencies of every part of Apple operations are deliberate and based on the philosophy that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. They do this by engaging with their customer every step of the way. Whether you are seeking information, on the phone, on the web or in a store, Apple service is consistent at every touch point in the customer journey.

So just how does Apple provide such superior customer service?

They focus on maintaining engaged employees that understand their top priority is to provide excellent customer experience, not just through the lifetime of the purchase, but through the convenience they bring to life.  The human dimension of Apple’s enterprise is the designed with the same meticulous attention to detail as everything that Apple produces (Hardware, Software, Retail Stores, eCommerce), are all seamless and consistent because it is measured and only then managed.

This strategy has served them well, and will continue to do so as consumers become more empowered.. With numerous apps and the expanded reach that is practically instantaneous, word of mouth customer experience has never been more important.

Every company can benefit from an emphasis on providing exactly what the customer wants, whether it’s now or in the future. For more information about customer and employee experience measurement strategies that can help your business prosper, contact us.



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