How Can Mobile Devices Optimize Retail Experience?


We could not have imagined doing all we do from the palm of our hand just a few years ago. Today the use of a smart device, such as a tablet or a smart phone to buy something from your favorite store is the single most important channel that retail must reconcile.

Stores are being tech savvy and digital so they can meet the demands of all of their consumers. Retailers are also getting into the social networking world so they can meet all of the wants and needs of their customers who love shopping on their mobile devices.

Retail experience optimization is certainly important when it comes to keeping customers satisfied and enabling them to have a memorable shopping experience that aligns with the reason, that compelled the visit, (your marketing and advertising spend). Tablets and other mobile devices allow retailers to provide better customer service. These devices also can be used as a tool by store management to enhance the customer experience, and better understand the shopping habits of customers.

Sometimes, customers see things on the retailer’s website, and the right size may only be available in store. Customers can take the device in the store and match the item on the screen to the right item in the store. Mobile devices have been a key part in transforming how customers get information and become aware of new products.

As a retailer, you can help your customers find the right products and provide the intended experience that supports your brand whenever they need it. If they are shopping online, on the phone or in your store face to face with an associate, digital technology empowers the human dimension to driving conversion.

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