Ideas for Retail Point of Sale Optimization


Retail point of sale optimization is most obvious in grocery stores, where the registers – the points of sale – are surrounded with merchandise intended for impulse buying. Candy bars are just the start of these offerings. Magazines are also typical, and at some stores, a selection of small “variety store” items such as key chains and little bottles of hand sanitizer. These obvious extras, however, aren’t the only aspects of the optimization plan. The method of payment, attitude of the cashier, and the overall environment of the point of sale are all carefully set up to ensure the best possible results.

This careful optimization isn’t just for grocery stores. Such care may be easy to see in these outlets, but your store doesn’t have to be big to gain the benefits of such methods. Even if you only have one outlet, you can implement practices that will enhance the customer experience and improve sales. Here are some ideas that will work for almost any type of business:

  • Display small related items at the register
  • Offer several payment methods
  • Make it easy to use credit and debit cards without cashier assistance
  • Install an ATM machine nearby
  • Train employees to put on a cheery attitude and make it look genuine

A surprising number of businesses can find impulse-worthy items to display that will be related to customer purchases. An appliance store, for example, can put some popular filter types near the checkout so people will think to pick one up along with their new filter-requiring item.

Ease of payment is also important, especially in busy stores. Having the card reader facing the customers lets them zip through. It also allows them to type in their PIN numbers for debit transactions.

Of course, a cheery attitude is essential in today’s marketplace. It’s also important that this seem genuine. It’s quite off-putting if the cashier seems be wearing a smile only because it was glued on. While that’s still better than a grumpy scowl, giving new employees a bit of training on how to interact with customers will go a long way toward improving the customer’s experience.

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