Improve the Retail Experience with Skilled Sales Associates


She enjoys her jobThe difference between making and losing a sale can come down to the customer’s confidence in the sales associate. The item could be identical from one store to another, but the difference is the relationship between the sales associate and the buyer.

To increase Retail Experience Optimization, a much-overlooked option is providing development opportunities for the sales staff. Well-trained staff can sell more, according to a study performed by University of Pennsylvania professor Marshall Fisher.

The study found that store associates who had product knowledge sold 69 percent more than those who didn’t. The study, according to Fisher, followed 63,500 store associates at 330 stores for two years. The findings showed that well-trained sales employees made more sales as well as sold higher dollar amounts at the cash register.

It’s no secret customers still want advice from sales personnel. A well-trained sales associate can personalize the buying experience for each customer ensuring that they return frequently to shop at your retail location.

Training sales staff improves confidence and can build excitement about the product and company. Being able to confidently answer questions raises the level of professionalism for the associate. Knowing the company cares enough to take the time to educate their staff can build employee loyalty and garner customer satisfaction.

As a manager it is your job to provide the necessary tools and data that your sales associates can study and learn from. Optimizing the customer experience is first about optimizing the skills of your employees, that will in-turn improve the engagement that customers feel from the moment they walk in the door of your store.

The importance of measuring employee sentiment is a key tool that can be used by managers to improve the overall customer experience.

Here at Service Evaluation Concepts we have developed strategic guidelines and tools to help your retail store succeed. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.



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