Is Customer Experience Optimization a Central Point for Your Business?


iStock_000018852533_LargeWith countless consumer choices, one of the key differentiators for many businesses and organizations is customer experience. Many businesses have focused on working to attract customers, but few are focused on what kind of experiences their customers will have when they actually arrive at the store location, on a website or call center.

Utilizing the tools of online, mobile, and print advertising shoppers can be attracted to the products and services you carry. However, if they have a poor experience upon arrival at your location, they will be very unlikely to respond to future online or mobile promotions that you may offer.

Furthermore, by leveraging digital technology, you can track where your customers are coming from and what specific things they frequently shop for. Ensuring that popular items are in stock and that your employees are quick to respond to customer needs are two vital components to customer retention.

Two questions your retail team should be asking:

  • Why do our customers choose to come to our store?
  • How can we enhance their experience?

Your business needs to use the best resources possible to help improve your customer experience optimization. You need resources that will also improve (using measurement techniques) your understanding and ability to manage customer experience. Understanding how to address the needs of your customers and enhance their experience will help ensure that your business remains competitive.

If you are interested in learning more about how to drive conversion by measuring and managing customer experience feel free to contact us. We have research methods that help align the designed experience while driving employee engagement and compensation based performance.



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